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custom CRATE



GMA standard pallets and shipping crates in 4 sizes.

Heavy Duty. Heat Treated.


4x4, 2x4, and 2x6 runners, winged deckboards, more.

Used pallets in a variety of sizes: 12x4, 10x4, 40x40, more.

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Spokane, WA 99212

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Providing shipping and packaging services for a multitude of manufacturing industries... and more! 



Metal Fabricators

Medical Equipment Suppliers

Electronic Industries

Furniture Manufacturers

Specialty Manufacturers

Military Suppliers

We also meet small business and individual needs!

Questions? We have answers!


heavy machinery?

CW's experts can pick it up, pack it up, crate it and ship it!

CW also offers onsite services and can crate your equipment at your facility.

Call 509.926.1033 with any questions or to request a heavy equipment consultation with a  crating specialist.

Made In The Northwest

CW Crates & Pallets set themselves apart by focusing on exceptional service - from design to delivery. Their solution-driven team works diligently to deliver a hassle-free experience and a product their customers can trust.

KXLY’s Made In The Northwest highlights how CW excels with custom orders, catering to a niche that other area pallet companies do not.


Those looking for a company they can trust with their equipment, heavy loads, and valuables can find assurance in CW's proven track record in the crating and shipping industry.  

More About

CW Crates & Pallets

The Work We Do

Custom Cradle Design

Custom Packing and Bracing

Onsite Custom Crating for Heavy Equipment

Foam Lined Bracing and Shrink Wrap for Industrial Equipment

Vacuum Seal with Foam Bracing

Custom Motorcycle Crate sent to Germany

Industry Facts & Topics

If you are eating it, reading this web post on it, or sitting on it, chances are pretty good that it spend part of its journey to you on a pallet made of wood. It may have traveled on several pallets as it was shuffled between facilities and modes of transport.

Wood products make up 47 percent of all industrial raw materials manufactured in the United States, yet consume only 4 percent of the total energy needed to manufacture all industrial raw materials. Wood's manufacturing process alone makes it the environmentally friendly choice in building materials.

The CW Blogspot

We are growing far more hardwoods each year than are harvested and lost to fire, insect and disease. In fact, if hardwood trees stopped growing today, and harvesting continued at the same rate, our hardwood timber supply would last over 75 years.

the importance of smart buying
The Importance of
Smart Consulting

Smart consulting begins with the right details, evaluating

cargo specs, transport preferences, ship-to destination, and the

customer’s timeline. 

The Importance of
Smart Design

Smart design considers more than just weights and dims. It also accounts for the cargo’s make-up, potential transport hazards, material usage, and budget concerns.

The Importance of
Smart Pricing

Smart pricing is fair to the consumer budget while speaking to product value. It means less risk, less hassle, and less demands on the buyer’s time.

Discerning customers shop for value and understand the importance of smart buying decisions.


With CW Crates & Pallets, customers can rest assured that they have a team who is practiced in finding smart solutions. They take a detailed and collaborative approach to transport challenges -  from design to build to ship out! 

CW Crates & Pallets The Importanct of Sm

As a large aerospace manufacturer, we demand quality, on time delivery and competitive prices. Not only has CW Products performed to our high expectations they add another critical component. Service.

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CW is the best crate and pallet supplier in the region. Their quality of products, fast turn around time, professional and knowledgeable staff, and ability to make the whole process simple for their customers make them easily stand out against their competition.

Google Reviewer

They picked my item up, built wood crate, and shipped to my location. Everything was simple and easy. I was so happy when I picked it up and unpacked it! Item was packed perfect and not a dent or scratch on my Vertimax!

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