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Industrial growth has generated a need for all kinds of crates and pallets, and crate design has evolved over the years to accommodate almost any piece of industrial equipment.

crate design



CW Crates & Pallets’ shop is staffed with pallet and crating specialists.

They work in a safe and seamless process, have the right equipment,
are ISPM certified, and are covered in the case of injury.
pallet design
CW Crates & Pallets Crate Design Image.j
CW Crates & Pallets Pallet Design Image.

A properly designed crate will absorb the majority of the stress imposed by the handling and stacking that occurs during shipping. It calls for a use of lumber that balances weight against strength requirements.

CW designs pallets with purpose, destination, and usage in mind. It’s essential to engineer pallets for the proper weight load, but there are other important considerations.

Consumers are innately driven to shop for the lowest price, but when it comes to crating valuables and goods for transport, design, ethics, and experience are equally important considerations in the buying process. A poorly constructed crate may come at a cheap cost, but the expense of its failing can be substantial.

The right design will protect its contents, decrease shipping costs, reduce liability costs, and benefit the environment with an efficient use of materials.

The cargo’s footprint is a good example. In the case of a heavy piece of machinery supported by four legs, blocking may need to be added to the design between contact points. In the case of fragile cargo, a shock based pallet may be the most prudent design.


Pallet design has evolved over the years to suit almost any load, and CW specializes in designing the right quality for the right price. They can even look at your existing design and consult with you on ways it can be improved.

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bracing & packing
vacuum sealing

Other CW Services


The basics here are to immobilize and protect. Packing options include lumber bracing, strapping, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, foam packing and bracing, and custom bagging.


CW’s crating specialists can pack and crate at the customer’s location or at their own facility, depending on the cargo and customer preference.

CW Crates & Pallets Bracing & Packing Im


If you have moisture sensitive cargo requiring a waterproof seal during transport, CW has got you covered - literally.


Vacuum sealing, also known as shrink wrapping or vapor sealing, can help prevent corrosion and other moisture damage. It's smart to vacuum seal equipment that will be sitting for an extended period of time, that is being shipped on flatbed trucks, ocean freighters, or to a humid location.

CW Crates & Pallets Vacuum Sealing Shipp
pick up & delivery


Coordinating international shipping takes time and know-how.

CW Crates & Pallets has negotiated rates with many freighters and shippers to transport cargo all over the world.


Customers can rest assured knowing that there is a company that can handle their cargo shipping needs from pick up to packing to ship out.


CW can pick up cargo and take it to their site for crating, packing, and shipping, saving their customers time and hassle. They handle the licensing, permits, and any needed rentals and other transport coordinating.

The same applies to their timely delivery service! 

Oh, and local delivery is FREE!

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Think building crates and pallets in-house will save you money?  CW shares key insights on why it won't.

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