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Crate+Ship Aerospace

Here are some of the many industries we can provide custom crating and shipping services for:

Crate+Ship Heavy Machinery

Crate and Ship for Aerospace

In the aerospace industries, it is pivotal to ship and package aerospace products and parts in the safest and most effective way possible. Aerospace technology always has upgrades and in need of service in a timely fashion. Mistakes can end up costing millions of dollars if damaged and can even cost lives if not done correctly. CW Crates & Pallets provides a customized crating, packaging and shipping solutions for the aerospace industry to ensure the safety and timely shipping of aerospace products and parts. 


Crate and Ship for Heavy Machinery

The Heavy Machinery industry can be difficult to navigate when it comes to packing and shipping. Not all equipment comes in a standard size, and not all equipment needs special care when shipping. Some heavy machinery equipment is very strong and almost impossible to break. But, some machine parts are used in fast-paced, heavy workload operations and therefore, must be given a custom crating or pallet solution like Vapor Sealing. Shipping Heavy Machinery is no light task. Let CW Crates and Pallets assist you in the entire shipping and crating process for any and all Heavy Machinery and Equipment. CW offers onsite services and can crate your heavy machinery at your facility. 

CW Crates & Pallets Vacuum Sealing Shipp
Crate+Ship Military Supplies

Crate and Ship for Military Supplies

Military Supplies can be very expensive and extremely valuable. Whether you are shipping large containers full of small valuables like food and water, or shipping bulky two-ton military vehicles, you need a custom shipping solution for each and every product that is safe and efficient. Ask CW specialists about additional shipping services that can be applied to your crates/pallets for added safety during transport. 

Custom Packing and Bracing.jpg
Crate+Ship Metal Fabricators
CW Crates & Pallets Shipping Heavy Machi

Crate and Ship for Metal Fabricators

Customized shipping of Metal Fabricators is a large niche serviced by CW Crates and Pallets. These large metal fabricators can be used for thousands of different projects, buildings, equipment and more. They are extremely heavy and can be very valuable and dangerous if not taken care of properly. With over 60 years in the crating and freighting industry, CW Crates and Products has perfected the shipping of large metal fabricators for a multitude of industries. 

Crate and Ship for Automotive

Have you recently purchased/sold a new vehicle, but having issues getting it shipped, or shipping out to your buyer? CW Crates and Products has provided shipping in the automotive industry for over 60 years. That includes but not limited too; motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, bikes, ATV's, UTVs and many more! We create customized crates (like this one here-->) for each shipping solution, so you can guarantee that your crate/pallet is meant for your product! 

Vrrrrrrmmm... Off to Germany.jpg

Crate and Ship for Medical Equipment Suppliers

Medical Equipment can be crucial to ship on-time and in mint condition. If any types of environmental hazards break into crates and packing material, the medical equipment hay be damaged or worse, destroyed. Many other crating and freighting companies don't take into account the extreme value of certain medical machinery and don't take the necessary precautions for you. Here at CW Crates and Pallets, we guarantee the highest quality and care of your items to be shipped, and provide additional services like vacuum or Vapor Sealing, that may be beneficial to you. Call CW Crates and Pallets for the shipping of your medical equipment and supplies. 

CW Crates & Pallets Electronic Industrie

Crate and Ship for Electronic Industries

The Electronics and Technology industry is currently one of the fastest growing industries worldwide, and Tech is all about efficiency. CW Crates and Products has shipped and crated for Electronic industries providing the highest quality transport of valuable electronics and large scale parts for over 60 years. The shipping of electronics may require additional services to ensure that your product is safe during all travels of all conditions. Whether you're an electronics manufacturer and you need large quantities of standard shipping, OR you are a small company/individual in need of shipping a single custom solution, CW Crates and Pallets has got your back! 

Crate+Ship Automotive
Crate+Ship Medical Equipment
Crate+Ship Elctronic Industries
Crate+Ship Auction

Crate and Ship for Auction

Auctions are an exciting, fun way to compete on great pricing for any item! Whether a car auction, or an art auction, if you walk away with a great item, you may have troubles bringing it home. Car auction rarely let you drive the vehicle off the lot, and shipping and handling can become a fortune. CW Crates and Pallets can assist with any auction items you may be after, and once you get your auction confirmation, we can be ready to help you ship your new winnings! Give us a call today to talk Auction shipping

CW Crates & Pallets Shipping & Packing F
Crate+Ship Artwork

Crate and Ship for Artwork

CW Crates and Pallets provides shipping solutions for a multitude of industries. One of the broad industries we service is Artwork and Design. Whether that is a large piece of marketing artwork, or an extremely valuable painting or sculpture, CW can pack, ship and delivery your valuable pieces of artwork at the highest quality service!

Crate+Ship Specialty/Valuables

Crate and Ship for Specialty/Valuable Manufacturers

Is there anything CW Crates and Products can't ship? The answer is NO! 

We take pride in our business model to help as many people, businesses and industries with our custom crating, packaging and shipping methods. CW has even serviced specialty manufacturers and shipping on valuables like large brass instruments and many more! CW Crates and Pallets can ship it all!

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