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According to the U.S. Forest Service, hardwood tree growth increased 119% between 1953 and 2007 thanks to the

growth to removal ratio of 2.00.



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When it comes to transporting goods and precious cargo, custom crates are often the most reliable way to go. CW’s custom crates are designed and built to secure their cargo to a tight fit, helping to protect it through shipping hazards such as environment, dropping, and stacking.


Custom crates are also a greener option, utilizing the least amount of material needed for the specifics of a job. Less material also means less weight to ship, saving you money.

  • Heat Treated Crates

  • Heavy Duty Crates

  • Heat Treated Boxes

  • Export Shipping Crates

  • Knockdown Crates

  • Tradeshow Crates

Pallets are often an unseen driver in the economy, delivering not just goods, but the heavy equipment that makes them.


We specialize in designing and building pallets and skids suited for almost any kind of shipment.

  • Skids

  • Shock Pallets

  • Perimeter Pallets

  • Pallets with Lids

  • Winged Pallets


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CW is a ISPM 15 Certified

lumber and dunnage supplier.

Green and kiln dried, heat treated 
(KDHT) lumber of varied sizes
and cut to order. 
Send lumber purchase inquiries to

The IPPC requires pest-free wood for international shipping.  CW shares key insights on ISPM 15 certification.

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