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CW Crates & Pallets Service Locations

CW Crates & Pallets has been Spokane WA, premier custom crating and shipping company for over 20 years! We have proudly served not only Spokane, but hundreds of other locations around the United States & beyond!

CW Crates & Pallet Service Locations

Whether you are shipping your $500 machine part across the state, massive quantities a few cities over, or shipping a $100,000 piece of artwork or medical equipment across the continental United States, CW Crates & Pallets has you covered! CW Crates & Pallets creates custom shipping crates for any order or product that is the most efficient, and the safest for what you're shipping. There's nothing we can't ship! We offer a variety of extra services for your packing, from vacuum sealing to protect from the weather, to foam bracing for products that needs a little extra protection from movement. 

We will make sure your product goes from A to B the safest and most secure way possible! CW Crates & Pallets near me! Listed below are the the areas that CW Crates & Pallets has serviced in the past, but remember, there isn't a location we can't ship! 

- Spokane, WA

- Spokane Valley, WA

- Pullman, WA

- Cheney. WA

- Newport, WA

- Ritzville, WA

- Moses Lake, WA

- Yakima, WA

- Colville, WA

- Chelan, WA

- Ellensburg, WA

- Richland, WA

- Moscow, ID

- Coeur d'Alene, ID

- Sandpoint, ID

- Lewiston, ID

- Idaho Falls, ID

- Twin Falls, ID

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