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What are the biggest items I can crate and ship?

In a world where a new economy involves traditional selling and e-commerce, crates and pallets continue to be key tools that help keep everything running smoothly. Although you might be accustomed to ordering everyday items online and seeing them on your doorstep a few days later, you might not know that a crate or pallet had a crucial role in getting them there.

You might also be wondering… what about oversized items? Do these also need a crate or pallet to arrive safely? And can CW Crates & Pallets custom make them? The answer to both is a resounding YES. Here are a few of the largest items we have had a hand in transporting from place to place over the last six decades.

shipping large industrial goods equipment spokane

Crating and shipping big turbine parts

Both wind and gas turbines are complex pieces of machinery – and are they enormous! We have taken on a custom crating project that measured 16 feet long by 10 feet wide by 15 feet tall. These parts were also vapor sealed to maximize their safety during shipping across land or ocean.

Transporting large industrial parts in crates

We are thankful that many companies in the Pacific Northwest and surrounding states trust our packaging and shipping solutions. Many of their industrial parts are needed to keep the economy rolling along throughout the planet.

Some of the largest industrial parts we’ve shipped weighed an astonishing 40,000 pounds and required crates measuring 12 feet wide by 45 feet long by 10 feet tall.

Custom making crates for art installations

When it comes to shipping artwork from Spokane or the Pacific Northwest, we gladly take the utmost care and attention to ensure all the pieces arrive safely from the artist studio to the new gallery, whether it’s a museum or a private collection.

Of course, art comes in all shapes and sizes, from a single painting to elaborate art installations. Once upon a time, a renowned artist trusted us to transport a behemoth $10 million art display to northern Idaho. We can’t wait for the next big art project coming our way.

Wooden crates for medical equipment

When medical professionals invest in their equipment, they know the time will come to upgrade. If their older equipment is still useable, however, the best way to recoup some of that initial investment is by refurbishing and reselling it.

Machines for plastic surgery and dental procedures can be very delicate, heavy and/or large. But that is not a problem for us, as building custom crates for shipping medical equipment is one of our specialties.

Custom shipping oversized antiques

Like artwork, antiques store value because of the unique craftsmanship and rarity in the market. Some of those antiques can take up a lot of space.

Grandfather clocks (below), golden tabernacles, and cabinets are among the largest antiques we have successfully crated over the years.

cw crates pallets grandfather clock large antique custom shipping spokane

Can I crate and ship any other large items?

If you need to transport other bulky goods, heavy industrial parts, or large equipment, we most likely can make the right crate for it. Simply contact CW Crates & Pallets to give you the best quote and to any other questions you might have.


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