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Where to get wooden crates, and what’s the best type?

When custom shipping goods or equipment, you might be wondering where to get wooden crates that will maximize the safety of your cargo.

Depending on where you are located, you can search for the best crate and pallet manufacturer in your area. Though, if you’re in the Pacific Northwest or neighboring areas, you need look no further than this post.

Getting wooden crates in the Spokane-Coeur D’Alene area

The best manufactured wooden crates in the Inland Northwest is CW Crates & Pallets, located near Costco and Home Depot in Spokane Valley. With more than 60 years of history, CW Crates & Pallets has been committed to providing all types of custom crates to the entire Spokane-Coeur D’Alene area.

Additionally, manufacturers and individuals from other places in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon continue to count on our expertise, providing the right custom shipping solutions for them.


Which type of wooden crate is best for me?

Depending on the product you are shipping, the right crate for you can be custom made for optimal fit and protection during the transportation process.

We have shipped everything from medical equipment to artwork to some of the largest industrial parts in the manufacturing world. Here are some of the types of custom crates we make to provide the appropriate shipping solution just for you.

Heavy Duty Crates

These are among the most sought-after wooden crates for many industries. They are perfect for any type of industrial parts or machines, ranging from small and light to enormous and heavyweight. In addition, we create standard measurements of 24 x 24 x 28 inches, 36 x 34.5 x 36 inches, 48 x 48 x 48 inches, and even extra-large ones at 96 x 48 x 48 inches.

However, size is no obstacle when it comes to custom making wooden crates. Some of our largest heavy-duty crates have been as big as 12 feet wide by 40 feet long by 140 feet tall! And the biggest items we can crate include turbine and industrial parts weighing as much as 40,000 pounds! There is nothing too sizeable for us, we’re willing to consider it all.

Knockdown Crates

This is a great option for manufacturers looking to save on shipping cost, as a knockdown crate allows our client to receive more crates at a time by saving space on our delivery truck.

knockdown crates cw spokane coeur d'alene

Also for clients who like to maintain an inventory of crates, but don’t have the space to store them, knockdown crates minimize the storage need footprint. A knockdown crate is one that has the prebuilt walls and top stacked on the pallet base. You simply place your item(s) on the pallet base and assemble the prebuilt walls and lid.

Heat Treated & Export Shipping Crates

The heat treated wooden crates are indispensable for shipping products internationally. A wooden crate needs an ISPM 15 stamp from a certified pallet or crate manufacturer to be allowed egress from the United States and ingress into any other country.

Tradeshow Crates

When our clients want well built, reusable crates to ship their exhibits around the country to trade-shows, we are the best game in town.

Motorcycle Crates

When you need to ship a Harley, Triumph, Honda or any motorcycle anywhere in the world, we are here to help. We have decades of experience packaging, securing, crating, shipping and insuring your precious motorcycle from here to wherever.

motorcycle crate spokane coeur d'alene

Choosing the best crate for my needs

Now that you know what some of the most used crates are, you can let us know which one you need to ship. Or, if you’re still unsure, we are happy to provide additional guidance. Our team of professionals will be happy to talk with you to understand your needs and to make sure you have the right crate to protect your products during shipping.


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