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4 ways CW Crates & Pallets boosts the economy

The impact of the crate and pallet industry on the world’s economy is incalculable. These are two of the most important objects used during the process of shipping goods from place to place.

CW Crates & Pallets is proud of its role in impacting the economy positively across the Pacific Northwest, as well as the United States and the entire globe. Here are four ways in which we give an economic hand up to everyone who helps us stay in business.

cw crates pallets creates jobs boosts economy

1. CW Crates & Pallets creates jobs to boost the economy

Yes, even though we are just a small business in the heart of the Inland Northwest, CW Crates & Pallets is impacting the economy by creating great jobs for the Spokane-Coeur D’Alene area. We are doing more for each of our workers than even the largest companies in the world, which attract the same type of workers we depend on.

We offer competitive wages and healthy bonuses each quarter to show how much we appreciate each team member’s contributions. Additionally, we offer attractive benefits like 401K, a Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Plan, growth opportunities with cross training and a variety of tasks, and little perks throughout the year.

cw crates pallets creates jobs boosts economy

Hence, our employees are among the most satisfied in any industry, earning us the Best Place to Work in the Inland Northwest award. This is critical considering how many goods we expertly transport from Spokane to the rest of the world thanks to our highly professional and motivated workforce.

2. We keep the region’s lumber industry alive

Being a main beneficiary of the lumber industry’s output, CW Crates & Pallets plays an active role in keeping this economic sector running. The wooden packaging industry alone accounts for 173,000 jobs, generating more than $31 billion in economic impact, according to a 2019 study.

The numbers promise to be higher in 2021 as the world rises from the pandemic. This is because lumber prices have skyrocketed thanks to the voracious demand for wood from both businesses and consumers. Not to mention, with the surge in e-tailing caused by the lockdowns of 2020, pallets and crates continue to be crucial for the transportation of goods from manufacturers to homes.

All of this is evidence of the economic impact that the lumber and wood packaging industries will continue to create for our entire society, for many years to come. Moreover, this economic boon also ends up benefiting the environment by causing a net positive carbon footprint in the long run.

3. We generate value for essential manufacturers

As the Inland Northwest’s premier custom shipping company, our crates and pallets are specifically designed for each of our clients. And are we glad they trust us, because they manufacture materials that are indispensable to our economy.

One of the most essential items we ship is medical equipment, which can be resold and refurbished after a few years of use. Using correct crating and packaging is a fantastic investment for medical equipment sellers and resellers, as this step increases the likelihood of receiving top dollar for each machine.

Additionally, other industries that depend on us for custom shipping include aerospace, metal fabricators, military suppliers, electronic manufacturing, heavy machinery, and automotive. No doubt, these industries cannot afford to have their parts and merchandise shipped inadequately, as any damage or delay can be very costly in both time and money for initial producers and final customers alike.

4. We preserve high value & specialty items during transportation

Finally, CW Crates & Pallets is one of the most trusted names in custom shipping for fine art and marquee items whose value comes from the time and ingenuity it took to create them. Chief among these is artwork such as paintings, marble statues, oversized art installations and antiques.

Other specialty, high value items we have transported include antiques, custom foosball tables, heavy musical instruments, and golden tabernacles. Even more, we have shipped expensive industrial equipment sometimes weighing more than 10,000 pounds!

We understand the delicacy of preserving these types of items, so we take care of them like a white glove transportation service would, thus ensuring their economic value remains intact during the grueling shipping process.

Let C&W Crates & Pallets boost your own economy

Because of our positive effect on local, regional, state, national and global economies, we know we can do the same for you and your business. Feel free to contact CW Crates & Pallets whenever you seek the best tools for your custom shipping needs. Then watch how we make a positive impact on your personal economy as well


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