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CW Crates & Pallets Assists Avista With Their Raptor Protection Programs

CW Crates & Pallets has been manufacturing specially designed nesting platforms for Avista Utilities to support their ongoing programs in rapture protection. By providing these special nesting platforms as an alternative for the birds, CW platforms help Avista reduce rapture mortality and decrease the amount of rapture caused outages.

How CW gives back

Retrofitting power poles is how Avista has been able to support the nesting raptors as well as management practices that safeguard birds and the other wildlife. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to apply our products in such a unique way. These nesting platforms reduce harm to raptors, including hawks, ospreys, and bald eagles by reducing nesting on transmission and distribution line structures. Platforms are broadly used alongside added deterrents in attempts to keep raptors from nesting on Avista equipment.

The city of Sandpoint replaced the Memorial Field’s old light poles with new ones. Two of the old light poles had osprey nests built right atop the lights themselves. When they removed the poles, the city, with Avista’s help, built new nesting platforms in the park.

The idea of installing a webcam to monitor these magnificent birds was born shortly after and now the Osprey Cam allows customers to view the Osprey pair as they raise their family!

Making a difference

CW Crates & Pallets does more than just custom crates and pallets. They are proud to be working alongside Avista in caring for our natural environment here in the Inland Northwest.


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